Best Solar Power Generator For Emergency In 2022

Daniel Asmussen Updated: Feb 15, 2022

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for a solar generator that can handle any outdoor emergency and provide enough electricity. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of trusted reviews of some of the best emergency solar generators on the market.

What are Solar-Powered Generators?

Solar-powered generators are devices that absorb energy from the sun and store it in a battery to be used later. Some solar-powered generators, also known as portable power stations, come with solar panels installed. However, many only include the battery, which you may connect to any solar panels you want.

How Portable Power Generators Work

Understanding how solar power generators work can assist you in determining which sort you require for your residence. Solar power generators, in general, are connected to integrated or separate solar panels that collect energy as direct current (DC) electricity.

The electricity from the solar panels is regulated by a charge controller in the generator so that it can be stored in the battery. When you're ready to use the energy, an inverter in the generator converts it from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which most appliances use. That way, you'll be able to power all of your devices, including televisions, cell phones, and even your refrigerator.

How to Pick Solar-Powered Generators for Emergency?

It's critical to choose the correct solar-powered generator for emergency use once you've decided on one. Here's how to do it:

Determining Power Needs

Begin by calculating how much energy your home will require. Make a list of the gadgets and devices you'll need for off-grid life or in the event of a power outage.

Picking Battery Capacity

After you've determined your power requirements, you can select a solar power generator with the appropriate battery capacity. Understanding watts and watt-hours is critical when determining battery capacity.


Look for solar power generators that are energy efficient. The optimum option is an MPPT charge controller.

The charge controller looks at the amount of power your solar panels are producing at any one time, which is referred to as MPPT. Then, based on the voltage of your battery, it determines the most efficient power output and matches the two.


Some generators have USB connectors or direct A.C. outlets, allowing you to plug in your gadgets immediately. Wireless charging pads are another option. This can be really useful, but you must evaluate whether it is necessary for household use.


Many solar power generators pride themselves on their portability and compact size. If you plan to use it for camping or on a boat as well as at home, a lightweight option may be preferable. Also, if room is a concern, such as in a smaller house or RV, you may want something tiny.

1. Best for Emergency: Byrony Portable Solar Generator 2000.

The Byrony G2000 solar generator is a powerful, reliable, and efficient solar power source. Best of all, it's a breeze to transport while going on a camping vacation. It fits easily in the trunk of your car and may be taken wherever you want. It can also last longer than a day by powering all of your important devices.

The 2000W inverter can power energy-hungry appliances such as hair dryers and microwaves, as well as recharge all of your electronic gadgets such as cell phones and laptops. It'll also keep the mini-fridge going.

The battery can be charged in just 14 hours using an AC converter, or in under 18 hours using two 100W solar panels. You may even use your car's outlet to charge it. It isn't the fastest charging option on the market, but it extends the battery life.

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2. Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK 384

The KaliPAK 401 is one of Kalisaya's lightest yet most powerful solar generators. With its dependable solar panel and battery power that can charge an iPhone 64 times, this model will boost off-the-grid power supply experiences.

A tiny Powerkit is included, which includes a DC or AC wall charger, a car-lighter adaptor, and a 40W solar panel. It's made to last with Grade A, high-capacity lithium-ion cells. It also has a remote system that permits monitoring and control via an Android and iOS smartphone app.

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3. Suaoki Portable Solar Generator

The Suaoki model is the greatest solar generator for the money, and it's simple to set up. It may be charged in three different ways: outside with a Suaoki 60-W solar panel or any compatible solar panel, inside with AC outlets, or in your car with a DC input.

This portable solar generator is a tiny powerhouse, with a battery capacity of 444Wh. It weighs slightly more than 12 pounds and can power your campsites, farm, fishing, and hunting trips, as well as your job locations.

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4. Rockpals Lithium Portable Power Station

The Rockpals 300 W Portable Generator has a surge capacity of 600 W and a 280 Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack UPS Power Supply. This implies it can barely power a refrigerator for 2-6 hours, but you're more likely to use it for emergency equipment like a radio and illumination, smartphone, laptop, or even a CPAP machine, TV, or fan. The generator, AC adaptor, car charger cable, MC4 adapter, user guide, and an 18-month guarantee are all included in the Rockpals package.

This generator is light enough to go on an overnight trek or camping, weighing only 7.3 pounds and providing enough power to charge a smartphone 25 times, a laptop 4-5 times, and a compact vehicle refrigerator for 3-5 hours. It also allows pass-through charging, so you can connect it to a solar panel or array for on-the-go charging.

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The Conclusion

Solar generators can be a great emergency solar power, especially if you live in a van or go camping. Solar generators, on the other hand, are currently not an option for powering most outdoor in the event of an emergency.